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  On An Island (David Gilmour)
Posted at 4:53 AM on Wednesday, May 31, 2006 by Aditya

Remember that night, white stairs in the moonlight
They walked here too, through empty playground, this ghosts town
Children again on rusty swings getting higher
Sharing a dream on an island it felt right

We lay side by side between the moon and the tide
Mapping the stars for awhile

Let the night surround you
We're halfway to the stars
Ebb and flow, let it go
Feel the warmth beside you

Remember that night, the warmth and the laughter
Candles burn though the church was deserted
At dawn we went down through empty streets to the harbor
Dreamers may leave but they're here everafter

Let the night surround you
We're halfway to the stars
Ebb and Flow, let it go
Feel the warmth beside you

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